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Sports Chiropractic

Having a very proactive lifestyle in health and fitness, many injuries (major or minor), can happen to anyone. If they are not taken care of as soon as possible, they can linger and become detrimental to training and performance. Sports chiropractic, specializes in many soft tissue techniques and joint manipulations to help with these nagging conditions fast and easy. 

Sports chiropractic, more importantly helps with the prevention of injuries that is associated with training and competitions.  Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) such as Repetitive Stress Syndromes, knee pain, foot and ankle pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, neck pain, and disorders of the extremities, like sprains and strains of joints and muscles.

Think of your body like a car. Where the muscles are the shock systems in the car and the joints/bones is the frame of the car. The job of the shock system is to absorb any force that is required to not “bottom out” on the frame of the car. Example: when you go over a speed bump, the shocks in your car are supposed to absorb that force and prevent the frame from taking any damage. This is the same job of the muscles in the body. When you perform an action, whether it is playing sports or sitting at a desk for a job, the muscles should be working to absorb the weight and stresses so that you don’t ‘bottom out” or rest on the skeleton frame for an extended period of time. 

Chiropractic has been proven to be able to get athletes and non-athletes alike who are injured or in pain back to training and competing faster.