Concierge Chiropractic

The benefits and importance of maintenance care chiropractic and why everyone can benefit from wellness chiropractic.
Acute and Chronic Injury

Acute vs Chronic

There are two main types of injuries, acute and chronic injuries. For the most part, acute injuries happen in high impact activities that have an external/outside force that is not…

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is also called trigger point dry needling or myofascial trigger point dry needling. It is done by acupuncturists, some chiropractors, medical doctors, and some physical therapists (PTs) to…
Sports Injury Chiropractic

Low Back/ Hip / Knee Pain

Are you having low back, hip, or knee pain? Read more to understand why they are very common injuries and very easy to treat.
Rehab Equip

Sports Injury Rehab

What is missing with most sports injury protocols? Read more why the rehabilitation for sports injuries are so important.

COVID-19 Newsletter

Dear Patients and DSPC Community, First and foremost we hope you and your families are healthy and safe. With the adjustments, cancellations, and postponements being announced in response to COVID-19,…
Sports Chiropractic

Causes of Sprains & Strains

What causes most sprain and strain injuries? Most injuries are considered musculoskeletal, that can be fixed by sports chiropractic.

Sports Chiropractic

Having a very proactive lifestyle in health and fitness, many injuries (major or minor), can happen to anyone. If they are not taken care of as soon as possible, they…