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Sports Performance

Sports Performance Chiropractic

Pre-competition Tune-up

Why spend weeks or months training and not be at your best for competition? Pre-competition tune-ups involve a detailed assessment of joint flexibility and muscle strength. The assessment is specifically geared toward your sport so you can get the most out your training. I will give specific treatments and recommendations to improve performance and decrease injury.

Post Competition Evaluation and Treatment

Speed your recovery back to fully functional. After training or competition the body needs to recover and heal from the stresses placed upon it. Advanced deep tissue techniques can help speed this process up so that you can train at the highest level possible.

Sports/Peak Performance Consultation

This consultation evaluates your training program and musculoskeletal system to identify sport specific deficiencies before they become a problem. If you are injured, our doctors can work closely with your coach to correct whatever may be injured and to prevent future problems.

In Office and Home Based Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is essential to retaining the level of function necessary by the patient and to reduce the chances of re-occurrence. Whether you are recovering from a minor injury or surgery, proper rehabilitation is a necessity. Often times, people will fail to properly rehabilitate their injuries predisposing themselves to future problems due to the fact that the most important rehab period often occurs once the symptoms have been resolved. Exercises are taught then reviewed during follow-up visits.

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