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Low Back/ Hip / Knee Pain

Do you have low back, hip or knee pain? Whether it is from exercising or sitting at a desk for work, one of the main reasons why someone has or gets pain in the low back, hip or knee can be caused by a muscle imbalance in the hips. The glutes (gluteus maximus and medius) are a major contributor to the support system of your lower half of your body.

The main function of the gluteus medius is to prevent your hips from “falling out” to the side. When this happens, it can cause abnormal stresses on the rest of you lower body, especially the lower back and knees.

Do you have low back hip and/or knee pain? One of the main reasons for these issues/problems is related to the Glutes being weak. My favorite analogy that I tell all of my patients is: YOUR BODY AS A CAR

The muscles in you hip, more specifically the gluteus medius and maximus are a huge part of the support system for the lower half of your body, whether it is playing sports or daily activities. The muscle that we will be going over today is the: Gluteus Medius

The gluteus medius is a primary hip stabilizer. It prevents the hip from “falling out” which can directly impact the forces and stresses placed on the low back, knee or ankle/foot.

My two favorite exercises to help strengthen the gluteus medius is the glute/pelvic bridge and monster walks. A sports injury specialist (like a Sports Chiropractor) is trained to identify the muscle(s) that are weak and muscle imbalances to get your back to doing what you love as fast as possible.